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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Hello! Thank you for stopping in :) I am Jerra, the formulator here at Loner's Apothecary as well as our sister company Bear's Beauty. My mission is transparency, efficacy, purity, and products that are impactful with first use as well as over time. I formulate products with the most sensitive disposition in mind. This means products for sensitive skin, those sensitive to fragrance or essential oils, those with allergies, and I do not use comedogenic oils alone, and formulate with acne-prone skin at the forefront. For your C B D-free Skincare needs, our Bear's Beauty items are not Full Spectrum. I offer a range of Cleansing Oils, Face Wash, Scrubs, and Serums, as well as Deodorant and Toothpaste both with as well as without Full Spectrum C B D.

Loner's Apothecary is the mature big sister of Bear's. This line is much more about therapeutic and anti-inflammation applications. Loner's is also a place where I can use Terpenes, Cannabis Essential Oil, and C B D in my perfumes, creams, and infusions.

Products are made from scratch and can be custom infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil via a separate invoice.

Thank you for coming along on this new adventure! - Jerra

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